Baby sleeping's habits

Today some parents are confronted to a societal standard that would like to see every baby sleeping all night through just after the birth.

Of course this expectation isn't real when you take the time to look and to understand the sleeping cycle of the newborn.

With A doula in Belgium you will have a dedicated time to express your personal experience, tell your lack of sleep. Your doubts, questionning and fears will be heard.

There isn't any good or bad choices. There are families that discover the new balance, that evolve and learn to get to know each other. As being a new mum you can face a particuliarly distressing period during the immediate postpartum : with an evident lack of sleep and demanding moments. As being a new dad you may want to be more present for your child. This so little one is questionning you. Some of the beliefs and external pressure can unbalance your instincts.

Take the time to think about your baby, your feelings and what is the best for your family today.

In some other cases, your baby encountered certain difficulties during the birth or during the pregnancy. With you, we discuss from your situation because each child is unique and each family has its own functioning. Together we search for possible solutions to improve the sleep of everyone – knowing that a newborn will need time to adjust his cycles.

For your doulas « A Doula in Belgium » « sleeping all night through » isn't a goal to achieve, but it is the result of a benevolent support for parents.

You cannot get your baby to sleep, but you can help him to find its sleep.

Pricing :
Specific meeting for baby sleeping habits support : 60€

Where do we meet ?
We meet you in Jandrenouille (at Julie's), in Tongrinne (at Sophie's) or at your place1.
1 a contribution towards our travel expenses (0,35€/km) will be added to the meeting price.

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