Julie offers birthball preparation class. An approach to make physiologic birth easier.

Developed in Canada this technic is based on 3 primordial things:

  • the gravity helps the baby finding his way down
  • the mother-to-be’s perpetual movement helps the baby to find his way out on the pelvis
  • the couple intimacy helps the hormones flow, especially the oxytocin production, the love hormone. The great involvement of the father-to-be and his closeness during childbirth relax and secure the woman in labor.

The birthball class introduce you to 30 different positions from standing up to lying down, each one adapted to different stages of labor, easing and shortening your birth.

The wide range of positions allow you to find the best one for you at every moment of your labor and delivery. Some position will provide self-massage or stretching that you can already use during pregnancy.

A significant part is given to the breathing technic to use along the birthball.

This childbirth preparation is a time to focus on your pregnancy, your desires and your choices for the coming birth.

This class will idealy start around 30 weeks of pregnancy to give you the time and possibility to feel comfortable on the ball.

Pricing : 2 sessions of 1h30 – 120€

No need of specific material

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