Breastfeeding support

During our « doula » training course we also learnt about breastfeeding support.

Indeed some families, mums and babies need support during this fabulous and natural adventure. Our first role is to ease and to prepare (even before the birth) futures breastfeeding mothers. The actual aim is to live this period without any complication. Our second mission is also to help women who are encountering difficulties in breastfeeding. We support them to make sure their desire and wishes can be reached.

Pricing : Specific meeting for breastfeeding support : 60€

Where do we meet ?
We meet you in Jandrenouille (at Julie's), in Tongrinne (at Sophie's) or at your place1.

1 a contribution towards our travel expenses (0,35€/km) will be added to the meeting price.

Julie Denil

  • Rue de Paris, 22
      1350 Jandrenouille
    (Siège administratif)
  • +32 493 19 41 06
  • +32 19 63 28 96

Sophie Fraschina