HypnoNatal is an amazing childbirth preparation that combines mind and body relaxation.

Based on positive visualizations and images, it uses metaphors especially created for pregnancy and childbirth.

During the session the mother-to-be learn to modifies her state of consciousness and find a way to connect with her inner self as well as her baby. It builds the mother’s self confidence and guides them to trust their instinct.

This technic is known to help living a more serene and peaceful pregnancy and to positively anticipate the birth. It builds

A complete cycle of preparation includes 4 sessions. You can start around 24 weeks of pregnancy. The more you prepare yourself with the method the more effective it will be at birth.

Pricing : 4 sessions - 150€

Where do we meet ?
We meet you at Julie's place (in Jandrenouille) – Possibility to meet mom in bed rest at their home1

1 a contribution towards our travel expenses (0,35€/km) will be added to the meeting price.

Julie Denil

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      1350 Jandrenouille
    (Siège administratif)
  • +32 493 19 41 06
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  • info@sococoon.net

Sophie Fraschina