Perinatal loss

The loss of a child in utero or a newborn is a tragic event that is still a taboo topic in our society.

A Doula in Belgium by So Cocoon support you during this hard time by offering you a neutral space, calm and serene, to express your pain but also talk about the after; to talk about your sadness and also to consider your rebuild.

With accurancy and sincerity, we create a place where all your feelings are welcome and acknowledged.

Too often the pain of a baby loss is denied but there is grief that need to be express and heard during a certain amount of time.

We support your loss at every stage: early (miscarriage, abortion or medical abortion) or later (death in utero or infant sudden death). We do not believe the loss of a child can be heal but we think that the feeling of lack can slowly decrease.

The right moment to support a woman, a couple or a family will be determined by them. We can be by your side as early as you learn your loss, or later.

The important thing is to have the possibility to share your feelings, your fears, pain and concerns.

Pricing: we do not have a flat rate for those support meetings, you fix the price that is right for you.

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