Postpartum doulas

There you are ! Mum and dad, responsible for their newborn, being new in their role of parent(s) !

Maybe you have tons of questions about heaps of subjects… Or you need to talk about some events linked to the birth or to what you lived there… Or else you maybe want to get some advices about this new responsibility ?

All of this is « normal »…

Your doulas are there to support you becoming a parent. This new life may be full of doubts, questionning, and small detours that can shake you up. Share them with a doula foster a smoother transition.

Specific meeting for postpartum support : 60€

« Baby's there » package (3 postnatal meetings with Sophie or Julie)2 : 200€

Specific tailor-made Postpartum package « Here he is » : contact us1

1 flexible package. Find out more about all our packages on our Facebook page by clicking on « Pricing ». Spread out payments.

Where do we meet ?
We meet you in Jandrenouille (at Julie's), in Tongrinne (at Sophie's) or at your place2.

2 a contribution towards our travel expenses (0,35€/km) will be added to the meeting price.

Julie Denil

  • Rue de Paris, 22
      1350 Jandrenouille
    (Siège administratif)
  • +32 493 19 41 06
  • +32 19 63 28 96

Sophie Fraschina