We kindly welcome you for a three hours care.

The Rebozo care takes its origin in Mexico. It is divided in 4 steps :

  • a 4 hands oil massage
  • a herbal bath
  • a sweat lodge
  • a retightening (in 7 points)

A sugary herbal tea (made of cinnamon and rosemary) guides the entire wellness moment.
The Rebozo care is perfect for all women1 who want to mark one of their lifetime (puberty, wedding, birth, menopause…) or a specific hardship (separation, loss) or else just to take a time off.
The care is given in shadowy and serenity. It allows you to focus on your feminity.

1 it is inappropriate during pregnancy but can be delivered whenever wished in the postpartum.

Pricing :
Rebozo care : 200€ (around 3 hours)

Where do we meet ?
For you well-being and an entire relaxing time massages are given at Sophie's place in Tongrinne.

Julie Denil

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      1350 Jandrenouille
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Sophie Fraschina