Passionate by the birth adventure our super efficient duo concretized its training in 2015.

Both mum of 3 kids we wanted to play a role in the Belgian perinatal world. And most of it we want to support futures and new parents in their journey to meet their baby.

Sophie spent a year in Australia as an exchange student. She had a chance to share daily life in a great family and learned English as an everyday language as well as a way to have more intimate heart to heart conversations with her friends. Back in Belgium, she worked 10 years in an international company where English was the company language spoken every day. Julie lived a few years in the United States and had her 3 kids aboard. She experienced first-hand pregnancy and motherhood away from home. She had the opportunity to be in contact with doctors, midwives and doulas as well as the perinatal world in the US.

Because we lived as expats we know the feeling you can experience being a far from home, especially during the particular time of pregnancy and early parenthood. We also know that we all grow with cultural standards. All pregnant women have expectations and we try to support you with those in mind.

Sophie’s words:

After my having had my 3 kids, I realized I really wanted to propose a non-medical support to futures parents. This retraining was an evidence for me!

I live near Gembloux, in between Namur, Walloon Brabant and Hainaut. I love sunbaths, movies and aperitifs with friends! I hate mornings, bad mood and things that go unsaid.

Co-working with Julie is an every moment pleasure. We complement one another perfectly and share the same approach.
Julie’s words:

I really love my initial training as an archeologist and historian of arts but in 2014 I felt that it was time for me to rethink what I wanted to do with my life and decided to become a doula.

I live in Walloon Brabant. I love teapots, apricots and clementine. On the opposite, I dislike pork chops and Fridays, this strange day in between week and weekend. I’m mom of 3 girls all born in Idaho, USA. Because of their birth, I have the desire to support parents-to-be and share my passion about childbirth.

I love to read and I especially enjoy Michel Odent and Ina May Gaskin’s books.

Julie Denil

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Sophie Fraschina